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Nota del regista :Traduzione in Inglese ad opera di Francesca Copollaro. Come il precedente documento in orginale, questa versione è solo un esempio indicatvo del progetto in quanto, gli mancano nuovi elementi della versione definitiva è comunque molto utile per avere un idea della visione d’insieme del racconto stesso.
Francesco Olivieri

1) The fairy tale: Ariel Anderson, the angel of love seasons – the dream is Woman.
Since I was a child my father told me that the Earth is the homeland of the most ancient and important cultures in the world. Perhaps this is why when I grew up I started to be fond of cinema. So I realized that Italy is always represented, and displayed abroad, as a country where mafia’s crimes, upper-middle class and suburbs’ deterioration events take place.
So I refused a social class or ordinary life’s subjects for my project and I tried to give this fantasy story an European and international style. It is a story in which different genres are melted together, including social comedy and costume comedy. The aim of this fantasy story is to show the heroic and romantic beginning of the whole project, the unconditional eternal love of mankind who fights bravely against traps of destiny in order to make personal feelings prevail. This fantasy introduction, a little naïf, was inspired by several successful Japanese animated cartoons also known in Italy and which remind me my childhood (Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel, Persia, the Magic Fairy). After this introduction, the narration of four contemporary love stories start. The protagonist of these stories is the character of Ariel which will be acted by four different actresses.
I took inspiration especially from the moral lesson of Japanese animated cartoons. In fact in the middle east, despite what happens in our country, animation movies are regarded as a successful film genre for people of different age and not only for childhood. This is the reason why when japanese “manga” and “anime” arrive in Italy, nude, sex and violent scenes are censored. According to the contemporary moral western tastes, this kind of scenes are more suitable to an adult public.
This is not my case. This is a reflection on a different eastern approach to the animation movies. Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel as well in Persia, the Magic Fairy are only tales, even though their drawings could be sexually provocative. What inspired my project was the strong moral lesson which these cartoons contain. In fact during the narration the protagonist spiritually improve. The scheme is always the same: a teenage girl meets a spirit or an alien who gives her an object as a present. This present can be a mirror, a wand or a magic bracelet which lets her turn into an adult girl (even if she is still an adolescent). Once turned into a girl she can fulfill her desires on but she has to save mankind too. Moreover she has to give hope and happiness back to humanity with her enthusiasm. However the girl often decides to get rid of her magic powers because growing up she starts accepting herself. Once realized that there is a time for everything in life she is not in a hurry to grow up.
My project is about the creation of a great fairy story in which strength of love is the protagonist. I tried to guess European public’s expectations making this story more contemporaneous and updating its style and contents. This way I modified the age of the protagonist. I also introduced Greek and Roman mythology in the setting, making the work more epic and adventurous.
The uncommon presence of daughter Pollon is one example of direct quotation of Japanese comics. In the cartoon, sun god’s daughter Pollon is a lively and mischievous child who longs for becoming a real goddess (she is Jupiter’s niece). In my project Pollon is turned into a marvelous and very attractive girl, and she is the secret lover of Cupid, the god of love. Ambitious Pollon attempts to prevent Claudine Mornau from taking her place in gods’ court becoming the new goddess of dreams and hopes.
In this fairy story another quotation, in this case a literally one, is genius Hans Christian Andersen, the real creator of the first and only one Ariel, that is the young melancholy siren and god of sea Neptun’s daughter (willing to sacrifice her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul and the love of a human prince). Because of loving a mortal prince she escapes from the lonely realm of abyss in order to venture in human’s world, risking her own life. Ariel as well as her author is passionate but unhappy. In fact Ariel dies in order to save her love from perils of the fate both in Andersen’s version and in the darker Grimm brother’s one. For reader’s convenience I report her story, quietly looked over and corrected by different writers during the last years.

The Little Mermaid lives far out in the sea with her sea-king father, her grandmother and her sisters. When she is fifteen years old, according to sirens’ tradition she is allowed to swim up to the sea surface to watch the human world. So she sees a handsome human prince from a ship and falls in love with him. Unfortunately the ship is hit by a sudden and terrible storm but the little mermaid manages to rescue the prince dragging him to a beach nearby a temple. The prince has a vague impression that he was rescued but he does not remember who was his saver. In the following days, the little mermaid is openly lovesick and longs for gaining a human and eternal life. In fact as a mermaid she is bound to dissolve herself in foam. Finally she decides to visit the sea witch who can supposedly make all her dreams come true. The witch sells her a poison which transforms her into a human. As payment for legs, Ariel has to give up her voice. She can gain a human soul, too, if the prince loves and marries her, but, if he marries another, she will die transforming into marine foam. The mermaid drinks the potion, loses her voice, gains legs, and is dragged to the surface. Here she meets the prince who is fascinated by her beauty and charm. But little mermaid cannot speak and the prince does not feel very much involved. One day the prince sets off to a reign in order to find a bride. It turns out that the daughter of this reign’s King is the girl who rescued the prince ashore after the shipwreck. The prince remembers those moments and falls in love with her. Soon the marriage will be celebrated.
The mermaid suffers great heartbreak. On the marriage night her sisters rise from the waves and offer her the opportunity to save her life and return to the sea by killing the prince. But she refuses and dies, dissolving in foam. But her goodness is rewarded: the mermaid becomes a daughter of the air and is assured of gaining a soul by doing good deeds for a period of three hundred years. For every good child found one waiting year will be cut off; instead for every bad child found one waiting year will be added.
The little mermaid is regarded as one of the most representative fairy tales of Andersen’s literary genius. In this work there are autobiographical references even though they are disguised as literally fiction. The literary theme of the “diverse” is displayed in connection with love context. Besides the relationship between dumb mermaid and handsome prince -who is not really in love with her – has been interpreted as a picture of personal Andersen’s lonely sentimental situation. In fact Andersen was a homosexually-oriented man. Finally Andersen was an unfortunate love hunter who experienced in his life only sufferings and regrets. This way he tried to make woman sublime in his literary career. Andersen managed to talk about women only in his works of art.
My interpretation of Ariel is very personal because it is an hybrid story between Ariel produced by Disney and the original written by Andersen. My Ariel takes also inspiration from the romantic myths of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In this project Ariel will not be the typical damsel in danger but she will be able to defend her honor without a man on her side. I imagine her as an unscrupulous ironic brave heroin. My inspiring film models are not only fairy tales and folklore culture but also Splash directed by Ron Howard, Ever After: A Cinderella Story directed by Andy Tennant among others. For the character of the Celtic sorcerer Molerak I took inspiration from the worst villains of the great love and adventure novels such as Doctor Zivago, War and Peace etc. But Molerak’s mother, witch Alexadria, younger Hades’ sister and repudiated divine Jupiter’s lover is an iconic character of this fairy story.
Molerak’s mother is inspired to wicked queen in Snow White and less known Snow, the protagonist of several northern legends. Afterwards prince Everick is the brave archetype of Prince Charming. He is not only valiant, romantic and generous but also ambitious and reckless. For Everick’s character I took inspiration from brave and contradictory historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte for his vanity and eccentricity, Alexander the Great for his ambition and courage, Charlemagne and King Davis for their humanity and wisdom.
In conclusion the epic narration is inspired to Iliad and Odyssey but also Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto. In this fairy story appear several characters taken from fairy tales, horror and adventurous stories mentioning only some genres.
My Ariel represents a great challenge. I truly hope that this epic adventures story containing charms, great loves, cloaks and swords, miracles, Greek tragedies, battles and hopes will thrill the audience of every age. I hope that this story could make thirty-year-old public nostalgic for a kind of cartoons able to inspire and at the same time entertainment.

2) Black contemporary Comedy: Ariel Andersen – the angel of Love Seasons: the contradictions of love.
In the first contemporary story it is narrated the story in which an unconventional and material love turns into a true passionate love. The characters are very different but they will find their “raison d’ȇtre” in their controversial love. Fantasy genre is the hidden driving force of the whole story. In fact gods are the protagonists of the story – they will be the leitmotiv of the whole project. Here love is shown as a battlefield where feelings such as deceit, passion, cynicism will be the testing ground for a vile and social-climber playboy that us trying to find his happiness. In this story our goddess is introduced as a girl with a double personality. In the protagonist’s dreams she will be lyric, unreal and unapproachable while in real world she will be a femme fatale. In the first contemporary story are disclosed the burning themes, often manipulated by mass media such as love relationships, female homosexuality, difficult relationships between family and friends, infidelity and reconciliation, life and death in a comic and surrealist way. This movie will be like a trip on a rollercoaster. It is basically a black comedy and a contemporary costume comedy upon the eternal war among sexes. Later it becomes a darker and more unconventional fantasy story than the initial fairy tale. The atmosphere is dark but also exotic and adventurous that is an exciting action, a spanning and dramatic story based on noir and ironic elements, too. At this time of the story the valiant prince Everick is turned into a consummate playboy called Filippo Neruda –in honor of great poet Pablo-. Claude Morneau, or better Ariel- is turned into a very energetic businesswoman, an established wedding director. In this moment the wicked sorcerer Molerack is disguised as a pitiless gangster similar to Al Capone.
There are also minor characters but they are interesting too. For example there is a fascinating treasure hunter who studies archeology and black magic called Miranda Sparks. She is a professional hacker. Another example is the vile favorite hired assassin among Molerack’s killers. He is called Italo “Er Camomilla” Terenzi and is a professional killer who is usually dressed like ancient Romans. He also likes displaying William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar before killing his victims and especially drinking camomile tea after every murder. He is a mixture between Verdone and Tarantino. Then an interesting host of heroic, mysterious but also paradoxical and grotesque characters. Concerning comedy of errors I took inspiration from the greatest brilliant comedy masters upon war among sexes such as Neil Simon (Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple, California Suite, The Marring Man), Blake Edwards (Blind date, The Men who Loved Women, Ten, Skip Deep, Mickey and Maude) and also the great Mike Nichols (Working Girl, Carnal Knowledge and the Graduate). Among inspiring Italian film masters I took inspiration from Vittorio De Sica (Ieri oggi e domani e Sette vite di donna) and Pietro Germi (Alfredo, Alfredo).
My references for the Noir and Action part were Coppola, Scorsese (After Hours), Sergio Leone and John Landis (Into the night) but also the metropolitan and adventure movies of Walter Hill and Sam Peckinpah (Driver, The Warriors, Streets of Fire, Johnny Handsome, Gateway, Convoy, Straw Dogs). Filippo Neruda’s character is vaguely inspired to characters acted by James Dean (especially Rebel Without a Cause” directed by Nicholas Rayand and East of Eden directed by Elia Kazan), Marlon Brando (in On the Waterfront directed by the same Elia Kazan and particularly The Wild One directed by László Benedek) and Stevie Mcqueen (Get Away, Bullit and The Thomas Crown Affair).
The seductive Arianna Fanti (even in this case the name is in honour of classical mythology: Arianna was in fact the marvelous and stubborn king Minos’ daughter deeply in love with Minotaur) is the modern version of Claudine Morneau (the one of the initial story). She is a romantic and sensual dark lady who finds her way into our protagonist’s hearth thanks to her perturbing beauty but also her brilliant personality.
The actresses who will play Ariel are four: the actress who plays Claudine Mornau, the actress who plays Ariel, dreams and hope’s godess, the actress who plays Arianna Fanti and at the end the actress who plays the double wicked Arianna. The film models of this character are all great stars of past time: Liz Taylor, and Ava Gardner for Lisa Sweet’s character, Kim Nowak and Cameron Diaz for Arianna Fanti’s character and Audrey Hepburn and Scarlett Johanson for Claudine Mornau’s character. In synthesis while the fairy tale celebrates the female cult’s fairies, Prince Charming and unconditional love with an epic fantasy story in the second story (which is the first one set in modern times) celebrate the romantic myth of tales and of the contractions of love.
The hypothetical audience of this second story loves action and adventure movies but also stories about sex, drugs and rock and roll. This is a post modern tale for film enthusiasts and not only. There are also modern cinema quotations about seduction.
3) ROMANTIC AND PHILOSOPHICAL MELODRAMA – Ariel Andersen, the angel of Love Seasons: power of senses.
The second story is set in past time (the setting is romantic Venice of the late fifties) and develops a love story between young genial artist Luca Dionisio (writer, poet, painter, etc) forced in bed because of a rare and unknown mental and physical disease named “Morpheus’ kiss” and a young charismatic English student called Neil Pelring. Dionisio’s disease allows him to be safe only in his mind and prevents him from going back to reality. He can communicate with real world and fulfill his wishes only by a strange machinery). Neil Perling has paranormal and mediumistic powers and she is the only one who can cure Dionisio. This second film of the project has a theatrical style with several inner stages and very few external scenes. My aim is the realization of an exciting, poetic and intimate movie which narrates to the audience a deep loneliness of the diverse and his sensitive and epic rebirth. This is a movie about the handicap but also about incredible minds and hearts with handicap too. The film model which inspired me was the first movies by Jane Campion (especially The Piano, Holy Smoke) and German director Krzysztof Kieslowsy, author of the rules and trilogy about French flag colors (Blue Film, White Film and Red Film). Other important narrative and stylistic influences are taken from The Cell directed by Indian wizard of musical and commercial video clips Tarsem Singh and Children of a Lesser God by Randa Haynes. Finally the movie is also concerning expressive narration of dreams and nightmares’ protagonist. The movie gives events naturalistic and independent film features. However the movie is close to fairy tales with some horror and dramatic aspects. The story contains also a new reading of the great fairy tales and literature for kids’ characters such as Sandokan, Simbad and many others who live in Mistville woods. Mistville is a poetic and ethereal place which was inspired by three famous comedies of Bard: As you like it, Much Ado about nothing and The Twelfth Night. Mistville is the setting of the last scene among adventure, fantasy, drama and horror. In conclusion this story is a metaphor of human identity, the inner side of human body which becomes a wonderful world on Neil’s journey in Luca’s body. The story is a clear metaphor of the external violent and cynical Luca’s side.
4) The Romantic comedy with intervals of Musical: Ariel Andersen, the angel of Love Seasons: the souls’ sounds.
Differently from Arianna and Filippo’s story, in this case psychological and psychoanalytical features are softer. The narration develops referring to literally and film quotations less known such as romantic comedy of eighties (Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in pink) or independent American cinema of authors as Paul Thomas Andersen (Magnolia), Wes Andreson (The Tenembaum), Richard Linkater (Before Sunrise and Walking Life), Tom di Cillo (The Real Blonde), and authors of essay cinema including Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas) and Robert Altman (Nashville).
This fourth story of the Ariel’s project is an hymn to life and love in the musical style or better a reinterpretation in Italian language of the musical genre (from Dancing in the rain to Moulin rouge). This kind of genre allows us to realize the duplicity of being and appearing. The doubt of two protagonists is if accepting themselves or not before becoming who have ever longed for. This way they scarify their values and their identity for an ephemeral and dangerous life. The message is: you are in charge of create your dreams and not vice versa.
Besides this story is also a disillusioned picture of Milan of the eighties. In that period Milan was the city of appearance. This a mixture of good feelings’ cinema as Frank Capra’s and a science fiction element as in Back to the Future. In this special kind of comedy songs are inspiring and important for the development of narration.
5) NOIR AND SUPERNATURAL EVENT OF THE FORTIES: Ariel Andersen: the angel of Love Seasons: the Secret Human Identities.
This fifth and last story tells about an adventurous thriller and a fantasy event. As in the other stories here there are several themes faced such as love, seduction and deceit. The story is basically epic and romantic but it has also a kind of retro style that could be appreciated by a young audience (especially the female one) and Agatha Christie’s lovers. In fact in Christie’s stories the fundamental elements were suspense and hidden clues. This last story is marked by a narrative scheme inspired by Harold Pinter where shadows’ dreams are mixed with story men and women’s shadows. In the last part when the protagonists go back to Olympus there is a return to the great adventure romantic epic cinema.
Conclusion and style: Ariel’s Story has two important narrative lines. The first step is understanding these two lines in order to have a whole perception of the movie narration.
The first story is set in gods’ world. This story is the base of the others contemporary stories and also the reason of future turns of events in this great story. Afterwards there are the “normal” events which are set in different eras and linked to a particular film genre. So fantasy represents eternal and unconditional love; black comedy represents the unconventional difficult inconstant modern love with metropolitan noir and action movie features; existential and physiological melodrama represents the philosophical and spiritual love in a story based on five senses and personal search of identity; the youthful post modern comedy as the American college movies of eighties represents romantic love.
Finally the classic crime genre of the forties and esoteric thriller represent adventurous and dangerous love of the last story, without forgetting epic and adventurous old–style cinema.
In conclusion two common elements of the whole story are comedy and pantheon of gods. The film contains everywhere cultured quotations too. In the fairy story there are constant references to the greatest dramas about love from William Shakespeare to Arthur Schnitzler’s Dream Story. Further on in the fairy story we meet literary characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Mister Hyde. My protagonists speak as the characters in Bram Stocker, Robert Louis Stevenson and Mary Shelley’s works of art. I tried to fuse wisely tribute and interpretation of a modern myth.
Later on the fairy story contains other quotations from the most important movies of the past about love.
In the first of four contemporary stories there will be an interesting scene which recollects great scenes about seduction and later about musical. My final attempt is to create a cinematic work of art which bring out the value of women’s femininity and mind, always with passion and artistic respect. In this attempt I also regarded all forms of feelings and conflicts by five different human stories about loves in different past eras.
This movie is not much standardized because it does not contain only a film genre. In fact it is so lively that could catch the audience unprepared. Moreover the movie gives the audience the illusion of an utopian world where racial conflict and social diversity are passes by now, or at least passable with everyone’s help.
Stylistically speaking, this project would be an “author blockbuster”. Starting from a classical background the film is in the whole new and unconventional. This is the first example of experimental movies which melts spectacular necessities and business necessities without.
For these reasons we would like to melt a cast of famous actors and some young promising theatrical actors together in order to create two versions. The first one addressed to the two-hours movie theaters and the second one to the home video and television, faithful to the original text and without cuts. Because of its experimental and autarchic genre in the project are welcomed not only theatrical actors and debutants as protagonists but also real settings. Following the lesson of great America and chivalrous poems this film series will show the constant presence of gods and different linguistic styles. Characters will speak a noble and poetic prose language which is very close to the theater one in the first fairy story. Instead in four contemporary stories character will speak a more realistic and less noble language according to setting’s necessity. Referring to the third story there will be several silences and implied allusions. In the fourth story the language will be very improvised instead in the fifth and last story the language will be very close to whom used in novels and crime stories: a dry and heavy language but ambiguous and mysterious.





Nota del regista : La Sinossi in inglese si riferisce ad una versione precedente del progetto. In attesa della versione ufficiale della nuova stuttura narrativa, può comunque essere utile, per farsi un idea del progetto d’insieme anche per il mercato internazionale.

Francesco Olivieri


I started thinking about this essay in 1996 after a long and carefully-considered reflection over the relationship between cinema, or better the world of art, my only reason of life and the most romantic and prophetic symbol of our mankind, the woman. Exactly at that time I realized that I had to do or say something too. I thought about something that could defend, regenerate and honour properly the immortality and poetic holiness that in my opinion this symbol expresses.
I thought about the woman as a supreme human and existential symbol. From the beginning of human history this symbol allows us to exist, be born, give birth, live and love. According to me the real art has not discovered yet this symbol and Credo deeply revealing his most hidden and passionate truth, the truth of soul. This kind of truth permits women to incarnate all God’s expression and emotion on Earth. In this way this place will be similar to heaven. This is the reason why, in my opinion, woman is heaven or hell, the existential driving force and at the same time the infinite place where souls roam, seeking themselves by the cosmic charm of inspiration or saying better of the rebirth.
Woman has two divine duties: the first one is to donate, nourish and protect life and the second one is to inspire and give life again to whom unfortunately lost it. Ariel is determined to achieve this difficult and artistic goal. Ariel wants to create a strong and honest relationship between the world, or better the world of art, and human being. But it is also important for a universal balance that the eternal relationship between art –divine community between man and things- and the art of being and loving ourselves as well others is studied and analyzed.
But the real reason why I have undertaken this initiative is that nowadays cinema relates to woman as to an object of carnal desire rather than a spiritual subject. Cinema more than other arts such as literature, music and theater sees woman as a sexual satisfaction’s. Leaving out the infinite artistic universe in which primordial sexuality makes itself sublime by sensuality, it is interesting to see how in this case sensuality is regarded in its mental and sexual dimensions. In this way sex is an act of love and union rather than something of mutual loneliness. For this reason sensuality is art, the highest and purest personification of love, while sexuality is only merchandise.
This project needs the passion and the devotion of its actors. From the beginning I tried to create a climate of fair friendship and mutual understanding in the group. We are all a big family of young talents who love art deeply. We are searching for people with the same passion and excitement. The project is a personal tribute to women and their marvelous contradictions. This story is divided into five feature movies because it displays love in all its dimensions and points of view. It starts from the idyllic and romantic scenery of fairy tale and it turns out into an adventurous and exoteric thriller inspired to Ten Commandments.
The beginning of the story tells about the eternal love between a rebellious Jupiter’s son and a mortal young girl that will become the new dreams and hopes’ goddess in an epic-fantasy style. But it is also about the war between the first couple and a Celtic sorcerer, a dark Lord who stole the art of dreams and love from mankind. From this fantasy introduction other four stories begin and are set in contemporary era. These four stories develop through different past eras and different film genres in which the mortal reincarnations of the first couple are involved. Therefore a great story upon love, identity and life is narrated into five acts.
Starting from a fantasy prologue the story deals then with the contemporary black comedy which describes the unconventional and difficult love set in Rome in our times. Then the story becomes a romantic melodrama inspired by Jane Campion upon an impossible almost dream love which takes place in the Venice of the fifties and is based on five senses. The fourth story is set in the Turin of the forties in a noir dimension. This story describes a risky and adventurous love. The story is rich in murders and mysteries and satirizes the great classical adventurous genre and the detective fiction of Raymond Chandler. In the end there is a romantic youthful comedy inspired to the American genre in which romantic love is shown as a musical based on love, appearance and identity. This last story takes place in a pleasant Milan of the eighties.
Finally, dialogue has a great importance in this project. This project represents a personal and professional enthusiastic attempt to prove people that eternal love still exists in reality and not only in art. But there is a slightly difference because love is perfect in art instead in ordinary life we can love only if we accept unconditional and faulty love.

Francesco Olivieri


This story takes place in the ancient Greece of Olympus’ gods who reign over mankind. Saturn, who was king of Titans and Jupiter’s father, wrote Humanator to control the relationship between gods and mankind. The Humanator was a holy text which would have allowed mankind to learn all divine and immortal secrets and so follow gods’ will in order to become like them.
In 451 b. C. Jupiter, who is Saturn’s son and Juno’s husband, became Alexadria’s lover. Alexadria is a seductive witch and stepsister of the underworld’s god Hades. Alexandria is soon rejected and banished from Olympus, even though she is pregnant with illegitimate Jupiter’s child called Molerak.
Molerak grows up in hell without knowing his father. Twenty years later he decides to avenge the insult offered to his mother. When the young demon heard about Humanator and its power to turn him into a god, he flies into a rage against his august father.
Molerak causes a bloody war where also the destiny of the whole mankind depends on its result. In fact the demon wants to steal dreams and hopes kept alive by Humanator. On Geordental battlefield, the demon overcomes, also thanks to the shameful escape of valiant Athenian officer Etienne Mornan who holds the good forces.
Molerak manages also to kill the goddess of dreams and hopes but cannot get hold of the Humanator who’s been transferred by Jupiter on Earth. Jupiter frozens human hopes and dreams in Avelora glacier’s holy cave of wishes, to prevent them from Molerak’s threat. Those glaciers are governed by wise seer Dinea Nurnemak. Meanwhile many gods as well the whole mankind are reduced to slavery by Molerak Devils’ Kingdom. Humans who are deprived of their hopes and dreams, sink so low as blood-drinking maddened with grief beasts.
Meanwhile officer Etienne Mornau and his family are banned from Olympus after gods’ defeat. They reach Athens but one night Molerak finds them and kills Etienne. His wife Erin and little Claudine miraculously survive and take refuge in Sparta where they find an occupation for the shady tailor named Camilus Rafin.
After hopes and dreams’ goddess death Jupiter has to find a substitute. He sends Cupid on Earth to seek a young noble-woman who could marry his son Everick becoming so the new goddess of Hope. Cupid chooses Claudine Mornau who now is disguised as a Sparta humble tailor.
Thanks to Cupid and her mother Erin, Claudine regains the gait and the grace of a noblewoman. She is now ready for the great ball at Olympus court. When Claudine and Everick dance they immediately fall in love. Jupiter sets a grand theatrical performance in which the most important classical and modern authors come back to life such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Edmond Rostand etc.. They dedicate the most significant love acts of their works of art to the young couple.
When the ball is over Claudine has to go across the perilous Cristal Path, a contest for the “new goddess of hopes and dreams” title. In this terrible challenge Claudine faces the Soul Hunters’ clan. This clan is formed by famous imaginative and popular characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The mummy, Doctor Jeckill and Mister Hyde, The Yeti, The Invisible Man and The Wolf Man etc. After imagination goddess’ death all these characters turn pitiless outlaws at Molerak disposal. They are secretly hidden in Crystal Path, the dark side of Olympus, and rob powers of new divine generations.
Claudine gets over this difficult test but this is only the first one, as for her rivals who come from different earth countries. In the end she obtains Jupiter’s consent. While the wedding preparations for Everick and Claudine go on, evil Molerak makes plans to abduct the beloved young Claudine with his Titans army.
On the day of the wedding after a hard battle, the wicked sorcerer obliges Everick to follow him in the Earth depth’s. After a bloody final fight Everick succeeds in killing Molerak. However Molerak turns Claudine into a statue before dying. Everick has to kill himself to resuscitate Claudine. Only by his vital energy Claudine will become the new hopes and dreams’ goddess in the form of Ariel. The trick works and generous Jupiter rises Everick from the dead, too. Jupiter also orders the couple to go down to Earth and to reincarnate themselves four times as four different human couples. On Earth they have to show that humans deserve love, otherwise Jupiter will unleash another apocalypse against them.
The young will live and suffer as well the other humans and they do not know their origin until the gods will decide it.

The first couple – Arianna and Filippo
Everick alias Filippo Neruda.
Several centuries go by from these events. We are now in modern Rome. Unknown to them gods rule humans’ destiny by some Olympus agents who are hidden among them. Prince Everick is now reincarnated as a young earthman named Filippo Neruda. Filippo is a brilliant political science student. He is a Don Juan but he has a love affair with the pretty Leila Munich who is a fighting angel sent by Jupiter to protect Filippo from Molerak’s threat.
But Molerak sends Elisabetta Nokia, a beautiful girl who is actually a tarlof. Tarlofs are noxious creatures one-quarter human, one-quarter vampire, one-quarter werewolf and one-quarter spider. Elisabetta charms Filippo who loses his soul and kills Leila. Filippo seems to escape his destiny as Ariel-Arianna’s lover.
Meanwhile Filippo commits thefts to guarantee Elisabetta high standard living. Jupiter let Elisabetta dye during a robbery hoping in Filippo’s recovery.

CLAUDINE alias Arianna – ARIEL
Ariel, new hopes and dreams’ goddess (see Claudine Mornau of the early events) comes back to life as the pretty and fascinating Arianna Fonti.
When she was yet an university student she noticed the Christmas Star’s glare in the woods. This glare is actually a divine ray which teleports her in the presence of Dinea Nurnemak. Dinea reveals to the girl her real origin. Besides she tells Arianna about her future and the aim of her life. Arianna has to become Ariel, the new dreams’ goddess. Dinea shows her the whishes’ cell where wishes and dreams of the whole mankind are frozen. Human wishes are protected in the cell from Force of evils. According to Dinea Arianna is the only one who can awake human dreams becoming Ariel.
At the end the seer gives Arianna a magic bracelet as a gift. This bracelet contains all the powers necessary to future dreams’ goddess. Arianna wears the magic bracelet and starts performing miracles and good deeds as Jesus did. Word of her deeds reached Molerak who manages to find her easily. One night Molerak attacks her under the disguise of her gay friend Ruggero Salieri. However Arianna has new divine powers which allows her to put Molerak to flight. The young girl exhausted beseeches Jupiter and the great council for having her past life without powers and dangers.
Jupiter agrees to her request but he asks her a last favor. Jupiter asks the girl to appear in a dream to his son Everick – Filippo in order to awake his past courage. She accepts Jupiter’s conditions but the trick does not work and Filippo after a while carries on with his usual life.
Time passes and Arianna becomes an enterprising young wedding director. She leads a peaceful life but one day a tragic event happens. While she is jogging a car knocks her down. Arianna dies. At this point of the story the gods’ council decides to let her live again. Cupid gives her a magic key as a gift. His key permits her to open a portal, a passage through Olympus.
Meanwhile Filippo leads a reckless and lonely life. He earns his living with robberies and street races. Filippo feels himself as the master of the world and begins to draw away from his family, especially from his father who has great expectations upon him. Actually Filippo’s father Jupiter’ self reincarnation who wants to control his human son Filippo. Jupiter is also Aphrodite’ father. She is the goddess of love and beauty and disguised as Arianna Fanti’s mother on Earth.
Meanwhile Filippo is now known as a gigolo among rich divorced ladies of high society in Rome. One bad day he kills his girlfriend after seeing her with his best friend Valerio Malefici in a compromising situation.
Filippo becomes a real serial killer, a brutal murderer who kills young women and then turns them into porcelain dolls. He keeps them in a horrifying personal museum. However his ex best friend Valerio discovers Filippo’s secret and tells the police about his vicious crimes. Filippo is arrested and goes to jail for six long years.
Meanwhile Arianna breaks down her relationship with her ex college mate Michele Argentero. Later also her marriage with Flavio Porta. As for Filippo Arianna spends a self-destructive period of her life. After a while she decides to take a journey in the desert with her best friend Clara Mori, a young homosexual (who works for the call center “Women City” in remembrance of the famous film directed by Federico Fellini). Clara (please see the report about her for further information about this character) is madly in love with Arianna and in order to possess her yields to Molerak. In return Molerak discloses the existence of Estaville, an isolated place in the desert.
Clara takes her young friend Arianna in this place. Estaville is a savage and primitive homosexual hippy princesses’ community who lives distant from the civilized and corrupt world. They are devoted to the great and powerful Minerva and are led by despotic and charismatic Mara Cordova. Mara is the community spiritual leader and holds a rare and ancient Tibetan root. This root accumulates a special night regenerative energy which is able to modify forever sexual orientation in heterosexual girls. In Estaville Clara and Arianna intensify their good understanding thanks to several tribal rites of community such as dark magic rites, white magic rites and spiritual prayers. The new age atmosphere is so spread all over the community that Arianna and Clara feel part of community fanaticism in Estaville. Suddenly Arianna realizes that she is not in love with Clara and decides to end this phase of her personal search of her identity. From the beginning Mara Cordova, the priestess community feels in competition with Clara till Mara decides with all the elder sisters’ approval to operate Arianna as soon as possible. This way Arianna will become as the others who belong to the community. However Clara, who has always loved Arianna, opposes with all her strengths to Mara’s decision. One night Clara decides to set the community on fire. Imperiling herself she steals the magic root and then escapes with Arianna. After a fight against Estaville’s clan and Mara’s death in the fire our heroines survive.
Because of her heroic gesture Arianna chooses to give herself for once to Clara. Thanks to Arianna’s secret divine powers she manages to get Clara pregnant. Now they are both safe and sound but become a little estranged. Unfortunately Clara miscarries her baby. After this tragic event she starts a new relationship with Roberto Anselmi. In the meanwhile Arianna throws herself into his works in order to regain her balance.
Afterwards Clara is again pregnant but she does not want to lie anymore about her sexual orientation. As a consequence she decides to have an abortion and discloses her homosexuality. She is now forced to interrupt her relationship with her partner. Clara reports Arianna these last circumstances and Arianna is really touched. She suggests Clara to live with her as in the past and Arianna accepts. After six long years Filippo is finally free but he carries on with his loose life. But as for Arianna he is now tired of being rebellious. It is all set for their meeting.
Filippo and Arianna meet each other by chance in the street and they immediately fell in love as Everick and Claudine. The couple makes plans for the future but something else is going to happen. One night they have an unwelcome visit: Jupiter and the whole gods’ counsel tell them that wicked demon Molerack is back on Earth under the disguise of cruel Cuban gangster Esteban Mexico. Esteban plans to abduct Ariel in order to marry her and take possess of the holy divination text – the Humanator- who was hidden by Jupiter on Earth at Spark’s family after last dreams goddess’ death. In fact only dreams and hopes goddess’ groom can take advantage of a special soul transmigration and body multiplication charm. This special charm can make him immortal.
Filippo and Arianna are now acquainted with Molerack’s threat and start preparing for battle. Meanwhile Molerack, disguised as Esteban Mexico, gathers together all his followers among which there is general Craig Yado too. Yado is the superior chief of the Great Shadows Army. Molerack orders Yado and the Middle Ages boss Italo Terenzi known as “Er Camomilla” to recover the holy text Humanator and then abduct the pretty Arianna Fanti, who is the new dreams and hopes’ goddess.
Arianna and Filippo quarrel because of the tensional atmosphere. Arianna is furious because she would have a peaceful life with Filippo instead she is doomed to face terrible dangers in which human destiny is involved. Filippo is like Everick, his reincarnation, even if in his past Filippo had been a selfish and superficial person.
On her side Arianna is like Claudine and tends to be more benevolent than Filippo is. Arianna is distressed and decides to open the rainbow’s portal by the magic key. She wants to take out her anger and confides all her frustrations to Olympus’ gods. Jupiter and Cupid try to comfort her but at the end of the speech Arianna forgets to lock the portal of the passage between Earth and Olympus. At this moment Molerack takes advantages from the situation and sends Craig Yado on Earth. Unintentionally Arianna imperils herself once more.
Meanwhile Humanator takes serious risk on Earth. At this moment is guarded by Miranda Sparks, a hacker who has got it from her older sister Magda Poole Sparks, a seer sorceress. Magda discloses to Miranda all Humanator’s secrets and asks her to defend the couple Arianna – Filippo at the cost of death. In fact gods rely on them for giving back to humans their dreams and hopes. In order to take possess of Humanator the head- cutter Yago, the gangster Esteban Mexico and the killer Italo “Er Camomilla” Terenzi with the Shadows Army put Sparks’ town upside down.
Under pressure the two lovers broke their relationship. Filippo is unfaithful to Arianna again and again. On her side Arianna is instead distressed because of her loneliness. One night she has a premonitory dream in which she sees the couple Rinaldo Neruda and Lisa Sweet, respectively Filippo and Arianna. In the dream this couple seized Arianna and Filippo’s bodies on Molerack orders. Lisa and Rinaldo are not only their negative copy but also Adam and Eve of the past. After being driven out of Paradise Adam and Eve sell their souls to the devil (Molerack) in order to avenge the wrong. Arianna is worried and decides to report the dream to Filippo. So then Fillippo resolves to do a research on Internet in order to know more about Esteban. While he is surfing he receives an email in which Miranda Sparks asks him to go to Revolver hotel as soon as possible. She has important news about Humanator. Once arrived to the Revover Miranda seduces Filippo. After the embrace Filippo knows all the mysterious secrets of Humanator which are tattooed on Miranda’s body and tratransferable only by love energy.
The scene is abruptly interrupted by Craig Yago. Filippo fights against Yado and finally kills him. But during the scuffle Miranda is wounded and dies in Filippo’s arms.
Filippo goes back home where Arianna waits for him. Next morning Arianna has unexpected fits. During these fits the wicked Lisa Sweet (very similar to Arianna except for eyes and hair) takes possess of Arianna’s body. Afterwards Lisa succeeds in gaining Filippo’s soul so that his alias Rinaldo takes possess of Filippo’s body, too. At this time Arianna and Filippo are dominated by demons. Fortunately Jupiter watches over them and one night he sends telepathically an impulse to Rinaldo. Rinaldo turns again into Everick. Everick, or saying better Fillippo, gets rid of Lisa Sweet by a blue rose of ancient Troy. Its petals coming in contact with her eyelids make her wake.
At last Lisa that is Arianna and Filippo are once more happy but after a serene period they broke down again. Filippo returns to his playboy past life and Arianna is alone as ever. One day Filippo goes to Arianna’ s house with his friend Valerio Malefici but suddenly Arianna is abducted under their eyes by the Shadows Army.
Filippo distressed pursues Arianna as far as Infers but he is also captured. Gods inform couple’s best friends telling them about the mission of the couple on Earth. Immediately their friends react: men join up Titans army instead women the holy Ursa Mayor’s clan. Jupiter gives them special powers to defeat Shadows Army. The battle is epic but the Army of goods overcomes it. Finally Arianna and Filippo are free and Molerak and his followers are pushed back in Infers.
Filippo and Arianna carries on with their love affair. The wedding planning starts. One night Arianna’s mother (actually Aphrodite) seduces Filippo. He feels remorse for what has done and reveals the truth to Arianna. Moved for his behavior Arianna forgives him immediately. They decide to have a baby before the wedding day.
After some attempts Arianna knows that she has cancer and cannot have babies. Filippo gets depressed and asks Jupiter for an advice. Jupiter tells him that the only way to save Arianna’s life is to give up his divine origin and become human thanks to an ancient rite. This rite allows him to transfer all his divinatory energy to his wife saving her life. Fortunately Filippo manages to defeat Arianna’s cancer. That night Arianna gets pregnant of his only little daughter Anna. Some years later in the sky a strange electromagnetic tempest is set off. This particular tempest creates a dimensional space vortex which swallows up Arianna, Filippo and their daughter into another dimension. This is the proof of the conclusion of the first human reincarnation out of four. Everick and Ariel’s souls have to reincarnate three times in order to protect human race from extinction.
The second couple: Luca Dionisio and Neil Perling
The second mission of Ariel and Everick on Earth is to make Luca Dionisio in love with Neil Parling in the fifties in the romantic city of Venice. Dionisio is a young artist while Neil Perling is a young student. Luca suffers from a rare congenital mental disease. This is a kind of schizophrenia that makes him escape from reality. His father Alfio, ingenious inventor, builds a fantastic machine for him called “the Dreamslayer” that is The Dreams’ Hunter. This machine monitors his mind all the day and carries out all his fancy whishes in the real world.
This way Luca is not lonely and succeeds in becoming an envied love novel writer and famous philosopher all over the world. Unfortunately he seems an artist who wants to be cut off from his fans and public life. This fame of unapproachable artist prevents Luca from experiencing real feeling such as love, passion, hatred etc. So that Luca is not a mature person yet. He lives entrapped in a prison built up by his parents without having personal opinion, whishes and senses.
A bad day while Luca is reading his last novel his parents realize that his spirit wants to kill them in order to get free. Acquainted with this terrible truth Alfio and Federica decides to hold a press conference in which they show the real Luca to the world and request a medical treatment for him. Because of his fame the news spread all over the world as far that an English young medical student called Neil Perling hears it. After a bad accident Neil is able to teleport herself trough space and time, read people thoughts, appear in people dreams and enter in human bodies and minds, too. Neil hears about Luca while she is with her boyfriend Carlo Mirneo in Africa in order to study the same Luca Dionisio’s rare disease symptoms tested on monkeys and other mammals. She can cure them thanks to her paranormal powers.
Hearing about Luca’s disease Neil decides to set off in order to cure him. Because of his jealousy her boyfriend tries to prevent her from leaving. They start quarreling and by chance her boyfriend dies. Neil sets off to Venice in order to know Luca’s family. Once in Dionisio’s gothic castle she manages to persuade his parents and at the end she meets Luca. She is immediately fascinated by him and during therapeutic sessions she falls deeply in love with him. She is now also acquainted with his rich family’ secrets, particularly with wicked patriarch Matteo Nardescu. During the Prohibition era Nardescu was a dangerous criminal, a blood-drinking cannibal and Federica’s father. So Nardescu is poor Luca’s grandfather and further reincarnation of the sorcerer Molerak.
Nardescu alias Molerak wants to transmigrate his soul into his unaware grandson’s body. His aim is to look younger thanks to his unmerciful gang called “Noone”. In this gang there are the most unreliable and perfidious men of mankind. After this horrible discovery Neil decides to start final treatment for Luca in order to arouse him out of his lethargy and free him from his foolish psychological and physical slavery once and for all.
The young medical student charms both and transfers herself into Luca’s body in order to cure his rare disease through and through. In Luca’s body they set off on a wonderful journey, in a sort of Heaven’s garden. In this marvelous paradise live lots of artists, painters, writers, musicians, scientists, athletes, etc.
Their first stop is around a desert area nearby Luca’s eyes. On a wonderful beach they meet the famous astronomer Galileo under the disguise of a strange talking mole. Galileo gives them a beautiful golden monocular. This monocular lets them see through people’s souls on the Earth. After regaining his eyesight the second stop is around wild, inhospitable and dangerous sense of smell zone. Here our heroes meet brave Motabi tribes fortunately. After the initial suspicion they manage to meet charismatic leader Ezechiele Falk, too. Falk gives them a s a present a special scent which can reveal the different personalities of a single human being.
Before facing the third stop of their extrasensory journey some weeks goes on. During this time Luca and Neil are very deeply in love. They set off to taste tree’s isle. According to an ancient legend anybody who eats the fruits of this tree become a seer able to defeat all troubles and catastrophes on Earth. Before eating these fruits they have to fight against bloody Garlok, a devilish mythological creature. Garlok is the last example of Luptaros, one-half man, one-half terrible crossbreed between a Minotaur and a fierce werewolf. Since ages Garlok keeps watch over the magic taste tree.
Luca and Neil call Fungoille inhabitants for help in order to accomplish this dangerous mission. Fungoville is a community composed by gnomes, fairies and dwarfs reduced to slavery by wicked Garlok. In this land of enchantment Luca and Neil meet the Three Wise Men. During the infernal fight against fierce Luptauro Three Wise Men become their spiritual advisers. At the end of the terrible fight Garlock dies and Luca and Neil become king of Mushrooms Land. They are crowned by Apostles counsel. During a marvelous feast Luca and Neil receive the magic fruits as a present. Neil and Luke cannot realize how wonderful things in human bodies are hidden.
On their fourth journey the couple goes towards the mysterious hearing zone. They find themselves in a city similar to the dark version of the Operà de Paris. This city is inhabited by the most important musicians of every time and of every musical genres. On their arrival Luca and Neill attend to a great concert performance. They meet for the first time legendary personalities such as Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.
After the concert Luca and Neil see Gabriel who gives them a special helmet as present. This helmet allows them not only to perceive sounds but only to hear people lies and change human mind as they pleased.
Before their departure Arcangel advises them to take care of the special helmet and use it with extremely wisdom and responsibility.
At this time Luca and Neil set off to Luca’s heart. Here they make love for the first time. Thanks to Nell’s unconditional love Luca is able to regenerate cells and resurrect dead.
When the journey in Luca’s body is over Luca and Neil come back to the real world. Here they make plans to escape from the gloomy gothic Dionisio’s castle. Nell is pregnant and later she will know that their little child is able to cure all diseases thanks to his genome.
In the following days Luca and Nell plan for their escape in details. Because of the strong mutual understanding between them Nell tells Luca about her memoirs, difficult childhood, past relationships among which there is the love affair with charming artist rich Dante Minoli and that with the psychoanalyst Alfredo Conversi.
From this time on Luca’s family treats brave Nell with hostility. They try to take Luca’s back among them and even to kill their daughter-in-law. Because of this situation Nell and Luca carry on with a nomadic and adventurous life. On this risky journey they meet legendary personalities such as Simbad, Sandokan, Charlie Chaplin and Marx Brothers. As Nell and Luca, Marx Brothers are travelling toward the Mistville Magical Forest. Here the brave and heroic Fog princess Isabella Raban gives all characters’ tale hospitality. Isabella offers Nell and Luca hospitality, too. This way Nell has the baby safely and the happy family lives with Mistville community for other nine months.
Afterwards brave Isabella discloses Luca and Nell an astonishing discovery. Long time ago she found a diary of an old alchemist and archeologist Italo-German called Ugo Kessler in the woods. In this manuscript the alchemist said that he was immortal and very important to human survival.
After reading this mysterious diary Luca and Nell discover Jupiter’s real plan. At that time of the story Ugo was nineteen years old. His father was the architect who built up the renowned temple and palace dedicated to Jupiter at the foot of the Olympus Mount. In that period Ugo became Father’s gods confident despite himself. Jupiter gave him the immortality as present. Once Jupiter told the young boy that he had a premonitory dream in which human phantoms were reduced into slavery by Forces of Evil. So humans lost their dreaming faculty and Jupiter lost his reign. Unfortunately this dream came truth inevitably very soon. Later Jupiter told Ugo that only prince Everick’s bride, turned into the new dreams and hopes’ goddess Ariel Anderson could have defeated Force of Evil in this war for Olympus dominion.
Jupiter also revealed to the young Kessler that his son and his young bride would have reincarnated in different ways four times and places in order to fight against Molerack and the Forces of Evil. Besides Jupiter told him that Molerak wanted not only to take possession of Olympus reducing all humans into slavery, but also of the holy Humanator, that is the ancient magic manuscript which contained inestimable gods treasure map. Wisely Jupiter disseminated this treasure in the most important Italian cities and in different eras: modern Rome, Milan fashion capital of early eighties, Venice eternal love city of fifties, and obviously Florence music and art city of forties.
According to Jupiter’s will the four reincarnation of his brave son prince Everick and his future bride, courageous and beautiful Claudine Mornau (daughter of Etienne Mornau, the general who caused Forces of Good’s defeat in the battle of Geordental for Olympus’ control) were the unaware guards of this great treasure.
But the diary’s Ugo Kessler revealed something else. According to what Ugo said in his diary Jupiter gave divine powers to every earthily Ariel’s reincarnation to defend his honour at war. Besides princess Isabella Raban explains to Luca Dionisio and upset Nell Perling that she herself is a direct messenger of gods. In fact Jupiter orders Isabella Raban to reveal to Luca and Nell her destiny. Jupiter donates them memoirs and diary of Ugo Kessler.
Luca and Nell are astonished so Isabella shows them some pages of the diary. These pages tell about their story in details, from Venice to Mistville. Luca and Nell are now aware of the fact that Ariel has his own powers only under the identity of goddess. Claudine Mornau and Ariel are symbols of purity and perfection. Ariel is able to bring hope and peace everywhere. Their powers are symbolized by water. Instead Arianna Fanti, Lisa Sweet and Gemma Hittler (will be the last reincarnation of Ariel) symbolizes love, passion, bravery, but also seduction, hatred, revenge and the source of their powers is fire. Nell Perling herself as well as Viola Malfatti (next Ariel’s reincarnation) own the gift of balance, wisdom and determination. But particularly Neil, being the only one terrestrial reincarnation who is able to communicate telepathically with the other reincarnation through different eras can search the fabulous gods treasure.
Meanwhile a new character Augustus Vinatge, withdraws to a dark angle of the Mistville woods. Vintage is an eccentric multimillionaire who decides to retire in the Woods of Tales for regaining a little peace and self-confidence after a bad car crash in which his beautiful wife Melissa and little son nine-year-old Davide are dead. He himself caused the crash because of his state of drunkenness
Feeling remorse for what has done Augusto gets mad and decides to build up a special shooting ground around his big house. Every month Augusto invites wealthy business men who want to experience the sensation of killing humans. On this special safari these men do not kill wild animals which are likely to disappear but poor orphan girls tricked by Vintage.
Isabella Raban informs Luca Dionisio and Nell Perling of bloody reality’s Vintage. Isabella warns them of the Head Hunters Clan who are always seeking young virgins. They want to kill them in order to prevent tales and characters from existing.
For this reason Arab princess has a numerous soldiers group which protect her reign and all its imaginary inhabitants. The coded name of this mercenary army is “Rain Dogs”. Since Luca and Nell want to be in the service of Isabella they ask for joining up. Augusto Vintage hears about this new alley and investigate Luca’s past. He discovers all his story and criminal past’s Dionisio family. Vintage plans to imprison Luca giving him back to his parents.
After a hard fight several weeks long Augusto Vintage defeats Noone criminal clan and kills old Matteo Nardescu and all his family taking possession of his troops. He was helped by Bad Woolf Clan in this dirty trick. Fortunately a Rain Dogs legion manages to penetrate trough his fortress destroying it. During this battle many fancy characters sacrifice themselves for the good cause. Unluckily also Nell and her little child die saving Luca’s life. Finally Augusto Vintage and his troops are defeated by princess Raban who chases him off from her lands.
When the war is over Isabella appoints Luca Dionisio as Mistville woods’ guard. The young queen confesses to love him and asks him to marry her governing together Mistville lands. Luca refuses because still suffers deeply the loss of his wife and little Davide. On Nell’s funeral day Jupiter come to comfort Luca. He reveals to Luca that after Nell’s heroic death she has become a comet. As soon as possible she will have the mission of leading the new reincarnations of divine Ariel in the great gods’ treasure research. After this new and terrible war, gods’ treasure has been withdrawn from Earth and bring it safely back on Olympus Mount.
Because of his mind is upset by last events Luca tries to forget them and starts writing a novel based on the real love story with Nell. But a night Luca is carried away by a space dimensional hurricane and he disappears with his house into thin air leaving no trace behind him. Has he perhaps gone to Olympus in order to fight against Molerack?
Third couple: Viola Malfatti and Alessandro Salemi
Everick and Claudine’s reincarnations are not ended. The background is Milan at the beginning of wonderful eighties. Here lives Alessandro Salemi, lute maker in a historic workshop as an apprentice and romantic musician. He has worked in this workshop in the centre of the city for fifteen years. Even though he is of age he still lives with his parents and his six sisters who are all cooks. Alessandro has a noble heart. He has grown up in the big city but he has never gone abroad. He longs for a trip to the United States.
Even though he is kind and polite he has a very strong personality. Alessandro hates mountain and sea. He adores his city life. His father Lionedio Salemi is an old-style man and has a modest success in the field of insurance. On her side her mother Mireko Yuseba is a very charismatic and self-confident. She desires to set up a business in the mobile phone field but she is at this moment a part time acupuncturist in a renowned beauty center.
Alessandro is unhappy because of his ordinary life. He is a sensitive, honest, spectacled single. Often he finds himself as the eternal friend and the confidant of the girls who he loves. Alessandro is an intellectual and persuaded feminist, a shy daydreamer who cannot reveal a girl his long-lasting love. This wonderful and unreachable girl is Viola Malfatti. Since she was a child her dream is to becoming an expert works of art restorer. In order to pay for her studies she works for a call center by day and as a barmaid by night at “The Owl”. His father is Gianluca Malfatti, an avid potent judge of the Supreme Court. On the contrary her mother Beatrice is a crazy paintress and a fanatic follower of new age trends and Shirley Maclaine’s paranormal obsessions. Her older brother Mauro Malfatti is an ex world-class boxer and wrestler, now in the army.
Even though they are unaware Alessandro e Viola seem to be the perfect couple. They ignore it because they are often anxious about the serenity of each other. Their feelings for each other are constantly shown, although they will not admit it. Dario Pavese is Alessandro’s best friend, a brilliant scientist obsessed with the invention of a Time Machine built with electrical appliances and every kind of waste.
One day Alessandro sends some Viola’s photos to Miss Italia beauty contest. Viola wins the beauty pageant. So Viola set off to Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo becoming an international supermodel. Magazine notice her and start describing her as a snobbish and superficial person who attracted all kinds of men. But the real Viola is not so and when she is far from fashion shows she regrets her past life of normal girl who loved musicals and provincial life. In the meanwhile in Milan Alessandro is seized by despair and loneliness because of her loved Viola is far-off. But one night Ariel comes down from Heaven and shoots thunderbolts on a big ancient oak. Ariel tells him to construct a magic guitar with the wood of this oak. Alessandro constructs this magic musical instrument and as soon as he begins to play it he immediately changes into legendary blond, green-eyed great rock guitar player Vincent Pyne. Suddenly on his body appear some strange tattoos and magic scars representing every sort of musical instruments. Most of these marks are on his left arm. On his neck there are some lip-shaped birth marks. Every time Alessandro touches one of these magic symbols he changes easily his music style with great success.
As soon as Alessandro finishes his transformation his friend Dario informs him his Time Machine is ready to be tested. On his journey through eras Alessandro steals songs and talent for music of the most important fifties, sixties and seventies’ musicians thanks to his magical powers.
Meanwhile Viola meets refined photographer and French stylist Luc Monet on a fashion show. Monet courts her for long three years and finally he persuades her to marry him giving up catwalk modelling. Viola accepts but she would like to celebrate her marriage in Milan among her parents and her childhood friends’ love. Once in Milan Viola hears about Alessandro’s death for a car crash. Actually this is false news spread by Dario in order to justify her friend disappearance. Fortunately Alessandro is under the disguise of charming Vincent Pryne alive and kicking.
Evidently Alessandro’s death news disconcerts Viola and Luc’ marriage. In the meanwhile Vincent achieves a great success as rock star but he also indulges himself in all sorts of excesses. This way Alessandro begins to suffer some psychological and physical problems soon. Turned into Vincent Pyne Alessandro achieves thanks black magic not only his talent for music but also the dna of the most important rock singers of all time. Moreover Vincent devotes himself to write a great rock opera, a moving postmodern musical upon power cosmic against the seven deadly sins of mankind.
During his tour in Europe Vincent meets Viola after one of his concerts. Even though Viola does not recognize Vincent as his old friend she feels attracted to him immediately. On the day of the wedding Viola leaves the revengeful Luc Monet because the attraction for Vincent Prine. Luc is devastated and angry so he starts investigating his young mysterious past’s love rival. In the end Luc finds the time machine existence’s and Vincent real identity.
When his music tour is over Vincent asks Viola to marry him revealing his real identity. Viola is moved to tears and begs for forgiveness. She admits her faults. Vincent calls again Ariel on Earth to fulfill a Viola’s wish. In fact she wants to turn herself into Melanie Gilbert, the greatest classical ballet dancer of the past. Here Vincent asks to the divine Melanie to go to Italy with him in order to use the machine time taking from it talent and style’s past ages greatest dancers.
Unfortunately when they arrive at Dario Pavese’s home they find the army and a team of brilliant American NASA scientists. On a tip-off from wicked Luc Monet Vincent, Melanie and Dario get arrested. German record producer called Trevor Van Gogh. He makes plans to take advantage of extraordinary singing and artistic skills’ Vincent and Melanie. He would like to control the tastes of spectators and their minds, too. Trevor Van Gogh’s wicked plan seems to come to end without incidents but during a concert Melanie and Vincent mysteriously take sick. Because of a strange virus Melanie and Vincent lose their talents suddenly. They even risk their lives. Since a thunderstorm breaks out the machine time is completely destroyed and Trevor Van Gogh is killed.
Next morning by dawn’s early light Alessandro and Viola wake up side by side. The young boy turning into the same as ever realizes that Viola is now on his side again. In front of them there are Jupiter, Ariel and new Muses who reproach Alessandro with his bad behavior. In fact according to them Alessandro has wasted his extraordinary powers. It will be a lesson to them so that they decide to love each other unconditionally. They promise to love each other unveiling themselves and get married with gods’ blessing.
On their honeymoon they set off to India with their honeymoon. Here they decide to build up a new age temple in which music is used to cure spiritual sufferings. Afterwards their love is crowned with the birth of twins who can see on people heart. A day in India Viola and Alessandro vanish during a terrible sand-storm. Behind this strange disappearance there is perhaps gods’ will.
Fourth couple: detective Alberto Nessa and enigmatic thief Gemma Hittler
Set in 1940s Florence the story goes again back in time. The city spreads the joyous and romantic Christmas’ atmosphere when suddenly some strange crimes are committed. Recently the dangerous and mysterious “Mistletoe Clan” roams city’s streets. This clan is composed by pitiless killers who commit bag-snatching and robberies under the disguise of Santa Claus. They even rape and kill young pregnant ladies. Alberto Nessa, a young detective is assigned to this case. Detective Nessa is very skilful even if he has just finished police college and is bad-tempered. His father who died a month ago was a policeman, too. He unfortunately died during a mission. Alberto has a love affair with an enigmatic and fascinating girl called Sandra Corsati who was rescued by Alberto from a fire. From this moment Sandra and Alberto are inseparable but Sandra hides something horrible about her past life. In fact Sandra suffers from strange nightmares about religious divinities’ death. She refuses to have medical examinations.
Detective Nessa expects a child with Sandra and asks her to marry him. This way Nessa hopes that Sandra will trust him and tell him all her secrets. Sandra accepts his marriage proposal with great enthusiasm. In the meanwhile fear rises on Florence streets because of criminal Mistletoe Clan. Alberto is afraid that his wife, who is pregnant, could be clan’s next victim.
In order to protect his wife he asks to be replaced until the birth of his baby. Capitan Gregorio who is a severe man reacts bad to Alberto’s behavior but finally replace one of most skilful agent thanks to sympathetic colleagues of Alberto, too.
On the wedding day Sandra’s car is attacked by the mysterious Mistletoe clan who kill merciless her. After this terrible event Alberto sinks into a deep depression.
After Sandra’s death Alberto starts investigating on her past life on his own. Fortunately he finds some secret clues leading to his future bride. Alberto finds out that Sandra before being his girlfriend had been Claudio Badalamenti’s lover for several years. Badalamenti was an influential and corrupt local politician who made plans of giving life to a creature with a perfect genetic profile. To achieve this mad goal he has to take a sample of physician and mental qualities from young mothers‘ fetuses. This child would have become the new Albert Einstein and the prophet of born again Christ on Earth.
Badalamenti set up Mistletoe Clan who had to engage human guineas pigs in these cruel experiments. Sandra was acquainted with many compromising information about Badalamenti. She was going to spread this kind of information and Badalamenti ordered to kill her.
Alberto swears revenge and starts chasing Badalamenti. After several troubles Alberto finds him and tries to kill him but the police found Alberto and decides to suspend the detective. At this time Alberto turns into a real sleuth, an unmerciful hunter ready for anything in order to find the truth. One day he receives a beautiful and seductive woman called Gemma Hittler in his office. She is a professional works of art thief and has still a matter to settle with Badalamenti. Badalamenti ordered Gemma to do some archeological researches in Arizona and in New Mexico in order to find a precious Egyptian amulet. According to an ancient Assyrian legend this amulet can bring back God’s son. When the precious jewel was found something did not work during the invocation and medium Gemma’s sister fell into a trance. She has not woken up yet.
Seeking in the most ancient libraries in the world Gemma reads a holy theological text named “Endelius” in which it was written how to break this terrible sorcery by a magic Egyptian amulet owned by Claudio Badalamenti. Nowadays this amulet is hidden in one of his mysterious underground museums spread in the European capitals.
From that moment on for Alberto and Gemma starts a real race against time in order to achieve their mission in the world before new year. In fact the legend says that Devil’s sleep which now shrouded poor Medina in the darkness will turn into a certain death on the stroke of the new year. During their journey among passions, plots and supernatural mysteries, the intellectual and clever private detective Alberto Nessa and the seductive and magnetic thief Gemma Hittler fall in love with each other. During incredible turns of events and bold escapes they are always hunted by Mistletoe Clan. After several misadventures inspired by classical noir’s Philip Marlowe and modern spying’s James Bond our heroes manage to come over them breaking all rules, including the Ten Commandments. Thanks to telepathic Medina’ s powers they find themselves even in the Vatican where they call back Christ’s body this time with a proper use of the Egyptian medallion.
Once on Earth because unable to interfere in human free will God turns Gemma, Alberto and Medina into a special team formed by terrestrial archangels. This team has to control mankind’s behavior in the future. Finally a strange thunderstorm broke out also in Florence. This mysterious storm swallows up fascinating and restless detective Alberto Nessa, thief acrobat Gemma Hittler and her sister, the medium Medina.
Once on Mount Olympus after a long journey around stars the infallible trio finds itself in the presence of gods, divine Jupiter, prince Everick, Claudine Mornau, Filippo Neruda and all the others. All Everick and Ariel’s reincarnations are charged by self Jupiter with recovering the great gods treasure. Lately this treasure is spread everywhere in desolate and dangerous lands of Olympus.
Huge divine reign is fairly divided on the one hand in lush areas in which dream and fantasy dominate and on the other hand in dark, dry and barren areas dominated by an atmosphere of terror. This division is caused by human increasing distrust. Afterwards in this new version of the divine reign climate does not exist as earlier time so that the four seasons alternate reciprocally. This way there are eternal summers, eternal winters, boring autumns and absolute springs all the reign round. Finally the treasure hunt starts among several traps. In the meanwhile a malefic storm break outs in the gloomy ruined Molerak’s castle, hidden in the darkness of Hades. This storm is the signal that Forces of Evil are getting organized for the treasure gods’ hunt, too. Forces of evil fight against Jupiter’s army. After several misadventures, amazing escapes, great loves, miracles, duels and dreadful prisons the treasure will be recovered, becoming the object disputed between good and evil.
Jupiter asks all the reincarnations to give temporarily up their earthly lives becoming pure energy in order to infuse bravery in Everick and Claudine winning so the war. But even wicked Molerak has increased his malignant power sucking up vital strength from his souls. Finally Molerack is on the point of winning until general Etienne Mornau comes from Hades in his beloved daughter assistance. General Mornau kills malign Molerack and so avenge his honour. He gives Olympus’ inhabitants, humans and gods, the pleasure of admiring a new dawn as a present.